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    MOMEN for Essential Oils and Aromatic Products, a family-owned business, specializes in premium essential oils, cold-pressed oils, concretes, and absolutes within the agribusiness sector.

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    Momen Essential oil

    Embark on a journey with MOMEN, a cherished family venture rooted in the heart of Egypt’s agribusiness landscape. For years, we’ve been dedicated to cultivating nature’s finest treasures, specializing in the art of crafting premium essential oils, cold-pressed oils, and aromatic marvels that captivate the senses


    Our Facilites

    At the crossroads of tradition and innovation lies our main facility nestled in Badr City, a testament to timeless expertise since its establishment in 1995. From the sprawling landscapes of Qutour to our state-of-the-art distillation, extraction, and cold pressing facilities, every step embodies a commitment to excellence, producing oils of unparalleled quality and purity

    Product Offerings

    Step into a world where aromas beckon and oils enchant. From the purity of conventional oils to the opulence of absolutes and the refreshing touch of organic hydrosols, our offerings embody nature’s essence in every drop. Each product tells a tale of care, craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence

    Our Plantations

    Located amidst the fertile Nile Delta in Qutour, our family-managed farms boast the largest jasmine plantations. Our strategic proximity to the farms ensures the freshest ingredients are incorporated into our production process. Daily picking guarantees a steady supply of the finest flowers, ensuring 100% pure and natural end products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    MOMEN is a family-owned business specializing in premium essential oils, cold-pressed oils, concretes, absolutes, and aromatic products within the agribusiness sector in Egypt.

    Our essential oil facility was established in 1995, making us one of the oldest facilities in Egypt’s essential oil industry.

    We produce a wide range of oils including essential oils, cold-pressed oils, concretes, absolutes, organic hydrosols, fixed oils, and dehydrated products.

    Yes, we offer international shipping services. Please check our shipping policies or contact our customer service for specific details.



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